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Dye Sublimation Printing

Our Dye Sublimation technology uses an advanced heat-transfer process to bring high printing accuracy, sharp detail, and vibrant colors to products like Pillows, Blankets, Tote Bags, All Over Print (AOP) Apparel and more. Your artwork is first printed to transfer paper, then transferred to the fabric under pressure and heat to bond the dye to the fibers.  

This process of printing permanently bonds inks with polyester and synthetic fabrics, providing durable, high quality, and long-lasting colors that won’t fade or wash out over time. Maximize coverage of your designs and patterns across products with Dye Sublimation All Over Printing to apply unique, eye-catching visuals and wow customers like never before. 

Direct to Garment Printing

We are proud to offer our customers the most efficient and innovative Direct To Garment (DTG) printing methods. Our DTG printing process generates high quality prints that soak a garment’s fabric with ink to prevent cracking, peeling, and distortion of the printed image. Nearly unlimited color options give clients the ability to submit highly detailed designs and photorealistic images without compromising quality. Our one-off printing and no-minimum order options prevent overproduction, textile waste, and inventory requirements, providing efficiency and eco-conscious production unlike other manufacturers on the market. 

Direct to Fabric Printing

MWW Inc’s Direct To Fabric (DTF) capabilities provide roll-to-roll printing directly to and across fabric rolls. Experience fast printing speed on a range of fabric types, opening doors to custom fabric-by-the-yard options with our DTF operations.

Reactive printing

Ideal for printing on cotton and natural fabrics, this heat-activated printing method brings dye sublimation quality to natural fibers. Our Reactive Printing process utilizes a layer of reactive dye ink, a binder, and heat-activated additives which are applied to fabric, steamed, and then washed. The result is vibrant and accurate prints that are permanently bonded to the natural fibers for durable, long-lasting colors that will not fade or wash out over time. 

Cut and Sew

Our Cut and Sew facilities utilize lean manufacturing processes to produce high volumes of product without sacrificing quality. From robotic to hand cut stations, printed fabrics are processed through our facilities to highly trained sewers specializing in home décor, accessory, and apparel sewing to bring your designs to reality!


With over 65 looms at the main facility in Hendersonville, NC, MWW Inc boasts a one-of-a-kind weaving operation. Our catalog of woven products is continuously expanding, offering both in-weave image generation and print-on-weave options to provide choice and flexibility in fulfilling your woven product needs. 


MWW Inc is able to match any color with our own custom yarn dye facility, allowing us to produce nearly unlimited yarn and thread color options on demand for our product manufacturing requirements. We can also make custom warps for special weaving projects.

Metal Printing

MWW Inc has expanded our printing capabilities to also include metal printing. Our dye sublimation processes are applied to aluminum sheets for high quality wall décor and signage of varying sizes. 

Canvas Printing

MWW Inc offers giclée canvas printing, a high-end printing process for artwork. We use high-density pigment inks to print on acid-free, archival quality canvas fabric for water and fade resistant vibrant color canvas prints. 

Warehousing & Distribution


We handle everything at our facility, eliminating clients’ costs of warehousing and overhead. Our Hendersonville facilities boast over a hundred thousand square feet for order fulfillment and inventory storage and tens of thousands of square feet for outbound sorting and shipping, providing over two-hundred thousand square feet of state-of-the-art warehousing. Warehouse operations encompass pallet picking, case picking, piece picking, packaging, labeling, retail ticketing, customer specific packing lists, inventory reporting, and more. Technological capabilities include real-time inventory, same day and next day shipments, order accuracy checks, automated package sorting, and directed put away of receipts. 


From custom orders to large-scale shipping initiatives, we handle shipments with distribution points at company headquarters, including an automated pick-and-pack distribution center. MMW Inc. fulfills the needs of thousands of small businesses and large national retail chains in a timely, accurate, and economical manner to earn a reputation as one of the most reliable vendors in the industry. We also handle customer needs in foreign markets including Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. 

Our distribution infrastructure includes over a mile of conveyor, a three-level pick module specifically designed for broken case picking, narrow aisle overstock racks for increased storage capacity, a wallaby sorting system with overhead barcode scanners, ticketing areas for any customer packaging needs, packing areas with unique customer packing lists and inserts, and a shipping hub designed for simplified coordination of transportation. MWW Inc’s state-of-the-art distribution facilities allow us to achieve our state mission of creating value for our customers with demonstrates excellence in distribution logistics and warehousing management.  


Our Print-On-Demand capabilities allow us to deliver anywhere in the world efficiently and expediently. Select your products, apply your designs, and submit your orders; products are manufactured and shipped within three to five days or fewer. MWW’s name is not located anywhere on your label, and custom packing slips are available. The accuracy of orders, the quality of shipments, and the prompt delivery of products are a focal point of MWW Inc’s operations. Our excellence in these areas has made us the premier dropshipping order fulfillment company in our industry. 



Our products are manufactured in the USA from globally sourced components.

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